Dresden (Germany)

Name of the city: Dresden

Country: Germany

Mayor: Dirk Hilbert

Postal address:
Dr.-Külz-Ring 19
01067 Dresden

Contact person:
 Ina Pfeifer

Position of a contact person: Head of European and InternationalAffairs

Telephone of a contact person: +49 351 4 88 21 40

E-mail of a contact person:  IPfeifer@dresden.de

Central e-mail of the city hallEuropa@dresden.de

Year of the Europe Prize award: 2015

Twin and partner cities:
Coventry (UK)
Wroclaw (Poland)
Saint Petersburg (Russia)
Skopje (Macedonia)
Ostrava (Czech Republic)
Brazzaville (Congo)
Florence (Italy)
Hamburg (Germany)
Rotterdam (Netherlands)