Nuremberg (Germany)

Name of the city: Nuremberg

Country: Germany

Mayor: Dr. Ulrich Maly

Postal address:

Internationales Haus
Hans-Sachs-Platz 2
D-90403 Nuremberg

Contact person: Luis Prada

Position of a contact person: Official in charge

Telephone of a contact person: +49 (0)911-231 5042

E-mail of a contact person:

Central e-mail of the city hall:

Year of the Europe Prize award: 2007

Twin and partner cities:
Nice, France Kraków, Poland
Skopje, Macedonia
Glasgow, UK
San Carlos, Nicaragua
Prague, Czech Republic
Charkiw, Ukraine
Hadera, Israel
Shenzhen, China
Antalya, Turkey
Kavala, Greece
Atlanta, Georgia
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