Passau (Germany)

Name of the city: Passau

Country: Germany

Mayor: Mr. Jürgen Dupper

Postal address:
Rathausplatz 2-3
D-94032 Passau

Contact person: Mr. Horst Matschiner

Position of a contact person: Head of Cultural Department

Telephone of a contact person: 0049851396345
Mobil 015158008800

E-mail of a contact person:

Central e-mail of the city hall:

Year of the Europe Prize award: 1980

Twin and partner cities:
Málaga (Spain)
Cagnes-sur-Mer (France)
Krems on the Danube (Austria)
České Budějovice (Czech Republic)
Akita (Japan)
Veszprém (Hungary)
Liuzhou (People’s Republic of China)