Puteaux (France), Offenbach on Main (Germany)

Puteaux (France), Offenbach on Main (Germany)

Name of the city: Puteaux

Country: France

Mayor: First Mayor- Madame Ceccaldi-Raynaud

Postal address:
131 rue de la Republique

Contact person: Madame Rocchia

Position of a contact person: Directeur general adjoint

Telephone of a contact person: +33 1 46 92 92 92

E-mail of a contact person: mrocchia@mairie-puteaux.fr

Central e-mail of the city hall: protocollogenerale@pec.comune.bologna.it

Year of the Europe Prize award: 1956 with Offenbach

Twin and partner cities:
Offenbach (Germany)
Zemun (Serbia)
Valletri (Italy)
Modling (Austria)
Esch (Luxembourg)
Kati (Mali)
Gan Yavne (Israel)
Braga (Portugal)
Opoczno (Poland)
Tanger (Morocco)